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Gamma Knife® is a Medicare-approved, safe, effective, noninvasive treatment for patients with benign and malignant brain tumors or vascular and functional disorders of the brain.


Just like you are a specialist in your field, we specialize in not only treating patients, but also supporting physicians as they determine if this is the right option for all involved.

Gamma Knife®, most often used in the brain, uses very precise beams of radiation to treat an area of disease or growth without the need to make an incision. The intense dose of radiation to a small area destroys cells.

A few of the most common patient diagnosis’ are: Benign Brain Tumors, Brain Metastases, Pituitary Tumors, Acoustic Neuroma, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Essential & Parkinsonian Tremor & Arterial Venous Malformation (AVM)

John Hopkins Medicine offers a great synopsis of what Gamma Knife® is, best uses, risks, etc. UCSF also does a good job outlining the treatment, preparation & recovery.

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Ask about upcoming Open Houses or schedule a tour to become more familiar with this treatment. We are more than happy to provide insight to help you assure your patients they are getting top of the line, advanced treatment.

Patient Risks

Treatment-day side effects may include headache after removal of the head frame, if used, or mild nausea; both can be relieved with medication. Uncommon, delayed complications may include radiation-induced damage to surrounding brain tissue and edema. Some injuries may be reversible with proper treatment. Other rare complications are dependent on diagnosis and discussed with the patient during evaluation.

    Insurance Coverage

    Gamma Knife procedures are covered by most medical insurance plans. Prior authorization is required and limited to specific diagnostic reasons. South Sound Gamma Knife at St. Joseph will preauthorize the procedure with your patient’s insurance carrier.

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