Gamma Knife represents a life-changing opportunity for many patients who have suffered from difficult-to-treat or unexplained neurological conditions. In some cases, patients who have been previously told their condition was untreatable, or that their tumor was inoperable find new hope in Gamma Knife. Our patients share some of their stories of triumph over a variety of brain malformations and disorders.

marilyn with her dog

Gamma Knife brings lasting relief from Marilyn’s trigeminal neuralgia pain

Marilyn has a lively personality, an infectious laugh — and trigeminal neuralgia. When she first felt the electrical shock in her facial nerves in her early 30s, she knew just what it was.

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image of sandra smiling

Gamma Knife surgery for acoustic neuroma preserves Sandra's remaining hearing

Sandra knew something was wrong with her hearing. As a surgery scheduler, she wore a headset over her right ear — and could hear no background conversations. As a former employee of an ear, nose and throat practice, she thought she just needed to have her ears cleaned.

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essential tremor patient smiling at the dessert table

Bill says goodbye to embarrassing tremor

Bill, 79, lived with essential tremor for several decades, until his right hand began to shake so severely he could barely feed himself.

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barbara leaning against her motorcycle with her husband

Barbara lives a balanced life again after acoustic neuroma

After years of having to ask people to repeat what they’ve said, Barbara knew something was very wrong when she had to switch ears to hear on the phone.

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patient treated for Congenital Arteriovenous Malformation smiling

Donna takes the road to recovery from AVM

Donna was unaware of the arteriovenous malformation (AVM) she had since birth. But in her early 40s, her frequent, mild headaches turned to nightmarish migraines.

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patient for trigeminal neuralgia smiling after treatment

Carla finds an end to trigeminal pain

Caring for two grandchildren, Carla had no time for the debilitating pain of trigeminal neuralgia. Like many who suffer from trigeminal neuralgia, she thought her condition was dental and even had two teeth extracted.

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barbara thumbnail

Essential tremor symptom control gave Barbara her life back

Over a decade after Barbara’s diagnosis, her tremor worsened to the point that it severely affected her day-to-day life. Gamma Knife treatment at St. Joseph Medical Center helped control those debilitating symptoms so she could enjoy life again.

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Paul thrives after Gamma Knife radiosurgery for brain tumor

On a fishing trip, Paul suffered a seizure. He went to see his internist who directed him to get a CT scan and an MRI that showed a growth in his brain. It was identified as a meningioma tumor the size of a golf ball.

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trigeminal neuralgia patient smiling after treatment

Life is sweet again for Ronald Johnson

Today you’ll find Ronald Johnson, 76-year-old owner of Johnson Candy Co., selling handmade confections in his Tacoma store. But a few years ago, a nagging health problem began interfering with his normal routine.

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