A Breakthrough in Brain Treatment

Gamma Knife® technology represents a significant leap forward in the treatment of brain conditions, offering a non-invasive alternative to traditional brain surgery. This innovative method uses high-dose radiation to target specific areas within the brain with exceptional precision. By eliminating the need for surgical incisions, Gamma Knife® greatly reduces the risk of complications and enhances patient safety. The focused radiation approach effectively treats affected areas while sparing healthy brain tissue, making it a preferred option for many patients.

Located at St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma, WA, South Sound Gamma Knife is the leading facility providing Gamma Knife treatment in the region between Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR. The center is equipped with the latest Gamma Knife technology and staffed by a multidisciplinary team of specialists. Patients receive comprehensive care in a state-of-the-art environment designed to support and comfort them throughout their treatment journey. The facility’s commitment to excellence ensures that patients receive the highest quality of care.

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Conditions Treated with Gamma Knife®

Gamma Knife® is effective in treating a variety of brain conditions, including benign brain tumors, brain metastases, pituitary tumors, acoustic neuromas, trigeminal neuralgia, essential tremors, and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs). Each condition requires precise, targeted intervention, and Gamma Knife® delivers this with exceptional accuracy. This precision ensures the best possible outcomes for patients while minimizing the impact on surrounding healthy brain tissue, providing relief and improving quality of life.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Every Gamma Knife® treatment plan is customized to meet the unique needs of each patient. After the necessary imaging is completed, a team of specialists—including a neurosurgeon, radiation oncologist, and medical physicist—works together to develop a tailored treatment plan. This meticulous process involves detailed calculations to ensure the radiation precisely targets the abnormality. Creating this individualized plan typically takes about an hour or more, ensuring that each patient receives the most effective care possible.

Post-Treatment Care

Following Gamma Knife® treatment, patients may experience minor side effects such as a mild headache or slight swelling at the attachment sites. Most patients, however, have no significant issues and can return home approximately an hour after the headframe is taken off. Normal activities can usually be resumed within a day or two. If an angiogram was part of the diagnostic process, patients will need to rest quietly for several hours before leaving. The effects of Gamma Knife treatment develop over weeks or months, with follow-up imaging to monitor progress.

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    Support for Traveling Patients

    South Sound Gamma Knife extends its services to patients from afar, including those from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and even as far as Georgia. Recognizing the challenges of traveling for medical care, the center offers comprehensive support to make the process as seamless as possible. This includes help with transportation, lodging recommendations, and flexible scheduling to accommodate patients’ needs. The dedicated staff ensures that out-of-town patients receive the necessary care and support throughout their treatment experience.

    If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a brain tumor or another neurological disorder, don’t hesitate to take the next step. Contact us today at 866.254.3353 to schedule your consultation and explore how Gamma Knife® treatment can make a difference. Our dedicated team is here to support you on your journey to better health.

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