Essential tremor is one of the most common neurological movement disorders. This disorder causes involuntary shaking in various parts of the body but often affects the hands. Because the movement is uncontrollable, it can be challenging for those affected to complete simple, everyday tasks. 

While its causes are unknown, there are several ways that essential tremor can be treated. Medication and cutting-edge procedures such as Gamma Knife®️ treatment are both viable options.

How is Essential Tremor Treated?

Understanding Essential Tremor

Unlike other neurological disorders or conditions that may cause tremors like Parkinsons’, essential tremor does not include any additional neurological issues. However, the disorder can impede daily activities and interfere with routine tasks. Simple things such as using a phone, writing notes, buttoning up clothing, and even preparing a meal can become time-consuming and frustrating. 

Essential Tremor Symptoms

Essential tremor symptoms present as small, but rapid uncontrollable movements. These movements can occur occasionally, constantly, or frequently and they can affect one or both sides of the body. Essential tremor is most often noticeable in someone if they are attempting an intentional activity that draws attention to their movements. While individuals who are 60 or older are typically the age group diagnosed with essential tremor, younger people can also be affected. Certain factors like smoking, caffeine consumption, too much stress, or a lack of sleep can make a tremor worse.

Medications for Essential Tremor

For many patients, the first line of treatment for essential tremor involves medication. Beta-blockers, such as propranolol, are commonly prescribed to reduce tremor severity. However, these medications are not suitable for everyone, particularly those with asthma, diabetes, or certain heart conditions. 

Gamma Knife® Treatment for Essential Tremor

Gamma Knife® treatment represents a cutting-edge approach to managing essential tremor. This technology uses a precise, high-dose radiation beam to target and destroy specific tissue. By interrupting the signals that the brain sends to the muscles, Gamma Knife® effectively reduces the uncontrollable movements associated with essential tremors. One of the significant advantages of this treatment is that it is non-invasive, requiring no surgical incisions or hospital stays. The procedure is completed in a single day, allowing patients to return home immediately after treatment.

Gamma Knife® treatment is particularly beneficial for patients who cannot take traditional medications or who have not responded to them. 

Effectiveness of Gamma Knife® Treatment

Patients undergoing Gamma Knife® treatment typically notice a reduction in tremor symptoms within three to six months following the procedure. This gradual improvement can lead to a significant enhancement in the quality of life, allowing individuals to perform daily activities with greater ease and confidence.

Essential tremor is a challenging condition that affects many aspects of daily life. Treatment options range from medications to innovative procedures like Gamma Knife® treatment, which offers significant relief for patients who cannot take traditional medications or who have not found success with other treatments. By targeting the root cause of tremors with precision and efficiency, Gamma Knife® can dramatically improve the quality of life for those living with essential tremor.

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