Gamma Knife Treatment Helps Barbara Live a Balanced Life Again

Acoustic Neuroma

barbara leaning against her motorcycle with her husband
With her balance back, Barb is able to again enjoy motorcycle rides with her husband, Gary.

After years of having to ask people to repeat what they’ve said, Barbara knew something was very wrong when she had to switch ears to hear on the phone.

“It was my ‘ah ha!’ moment,” Barb says. “My balance was way off, too, causing me to take a few bad falls. And there was an almost constant buzzing and ringing in my ears.”

Barb saw her primary care physician and then an ENT, who ordered an MRI and diagnosed the acoustic neuroma in her left ear.  Also known as a vestibular schwannoma, this non-cancerous, usually slow-growing tumor presses against the hearing and balance nerves.

“After discussing various treatment options with Barb and her neurosurgeon, we felt that Gamma Knife would be an effective, safe and very appropriate treatment option,” says Michael McDonough, MD, radiation oncologist with South Sound Gamma Knife.

“The staff at South Sound Gamma Knife explained every part of the procedure to me,” says Barb. “It was very reassuring. I had a lot of questions, and they took time to answer them all.”

While the objective of the Gamma Knife procedure is to stop the tumor from growing in size, Barb’s procedure was particularly effective. The tumor stopped growing and over the last two years has even decreased in size.

“My balance is greatly improved, and the ringing and buzzing is gone,” Barb says.

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