Paul thrives after Gamma Knife® radiosurgery for meningioma

Brain Tumor

Paul thrives after Gamma Knife ® radiosurgery for meningioma

“I pretty much never have a headache. So when they became frequent, this was new to me.”
Paul felt pain in the crown of his head and noticed the headaches compromised his balance. He also felt a loss of depth perception. Reaching for a faucet, his left hand would be about a half-inch off.

On a fishing trip, he suffered a seizure. He went to see his internist who directed him to get a CT scan and an MRI that showed a growth in his brain. It was identified as a meningioma tumor the size of a golf ball. Paul’s doctors determined that traditional surgery would be the first form of treatment. Surgery removed much of the benign tumor, but due to the location in his brain, a portion was inoperable and would require periodic scans to evaluate his progress.

With the help of seizure medication, he resumed normal activities. The following Christmas, he had another seizure and was hospitalized. Paul’s doctors altered his medication, without success. In addition to balance issues, Paul’s wife, Judy, noticed that his short-term memory was also affected.

Looking at treatment options, it was determined that Paul was a prime candidate for Gamma Knife radiosurgery. Paul and Judy learned that Gamma Knife was a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that could be performed in a single, one-day session. It would target what remained of his tumor and treat it with individual beams of radiation that would converge on the target without affecting surrounding healthy tissue.
“It was as easy as having an MRI but without the noise,” Paul said. “I got fitted with a lightweight frame, was treated with Gamma Knife and I went home. It was as simple as that!”

Today, Paul is optimistic and looking forward to the future with Judy. At four months after treatment with Gamma Knife, he said he is already at 98 percent of where he was before his first headache. And for this retiree, it’s a pretty good place to be.

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